sábado, 7 de junho de 2014

V.I.P.A. with Denisse from DenisseDesigns

Bom dia flores do dia!
Good morning sweeties!

Aqui estamos na metade do ano já e eu nem consigo acreditar que no final desse mês o blog completa 2 anos. Vocês acreditam?
Para aproveitar o mês de comemoração, trago a vocês mais uma gringa super talentosa, a Denisse do blog DenisseDesigns, que eu conheci através do Instagram:
Here we are in the middle of the year already and I can't believe that by the end of this month the blog turns 2yo. Can you believe it? 
To enjoy the month of celebration, I bring you another international super talented artist, Denisse from the blog DenisseDesigns, who I found on Instagram:


Hello everyone! I hope you are all well today! Before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm an 18 year old girl residing in Los Angeles, I started getting into nail art about 3 years ago and I like to think I've improved and hopefully continue to improve along the way. I'm so excited to be doing this post for Giovanna today as it is my first time doing a guest blog post. I hope you'll enjoy what I've prepared for you today.
For my manicure, I decided to recreate one of my most popular designs (also a personal favorite) but with more of a "girly" vibe to it.

I started with Tip Toe Pink by Milani on my index, ring and pinky fingers and then added Tropical Fiesta by Milani on my middle and thumb fingers.
I have created pictorials on how to do the two different designs I did.

First, let's do the glittery chevron accent nail:

1. I started with 2 coats of Tropical Fiesta and made sure it was 100% dry before moving on to step two.
2. I added mini chevron nail vinyls by @PlayWanet on instagram .
3. I alternated adding white and glitter nail polish between each of the nail vinyls. The white is White on the Spot by Milani and the pink glitter is Pink Flare by Milani. Quickly remove the nail vinyls while the polish is still wet to get nice crisp lines.
4. Clean up, add topcoat and you're done!

Now let's do the rest of the nails:

1. I started with 2 coats of Tip Toe Pink and made sure it was 100% dry before moving on to step two.
2. I added 3 pieces of striping tape, one across the middle of my nail and the other two at an angel to form sort of a triangle.
3. I carefully painted white nail polish within the lines that the striping tape created. As mentioned before, make sure to remove the tape quickly while the polish is still wet to get nice crisp lines.
4. Clean up, add topcoat and you're done!

And finally, here's the finished manicure! 

Thank you so much Giovanna for asking me to be the VIPA on your blog today! I had so much fun creating this and I hope all of your lovely readers had fun reading it.


Que unhas lindas né gente?
Para quem ainda não a conhece, corram no blog dela, e sigam-na no IG também (@denisselove). Ela é muito talentosa, me serve de inspiração e merece o carinho de vocês também!
Muito obrigada por ter aceitado o meu convite Denisse! Amei a mani que você preparou!
Such beautiful nails aren't they guys?
For those who don't know her work yet, head to her blog, and follow on IG as well (@denisselove). She is very talented, inspires me a lot and deserves your love as well!
Thank you so much for having accepted my invitation Denisse! I love the mani you created!

Super beijo e até o próximo post.
Big kiss and see you next time.