sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

V.I.P.A. with Sabine from Look at my Nail Art

Bom dia lindonas!
Good morning pretties!

Tudo bem com vocês?
Hoje tenho mais uma convidada extremamente talentosa por aqui. Encontrei a Sabine no Instagram final do ano passado e venho acompanhando a evolução dela desde então. Ela não tem blog, só o IG mesmo (@lookatmynailart). Sigam-na lá que vocês vão enlouquecer com tantas manis lindas!
How are you doing?
Today I have another extremely talented guest over here. I found Sabine on Instagram by the end of last year and have been following her improvement ever since. She doesn't have a blog, only IG (@lookatmynailart). Follow her over there. You're going to go crazy with so many gorgeous manicures!

Hello beautiful readers! Last week Giovanna asked me to write a VIPA post on her blog and of course I had to say yes!

First let me introduce myself a little to you guys: my name is Sabine, I'm a 15 year old girl living in The Netherlands. In July 2013 I started with my Instagram account. In these 10 months I've grown a lot and I have met awesome people from all around the world.

For this VIPA post I chose to do a design which I really wanted to do: Ikat nails. And because it's almost summer I used a vibrant colour as the base.

This is Ciaté – Play Date. It's a vibrant coral/red. (It looks much brighter in real life than in the picture)

1 –  After I applied my base colour I made, with a feathery motion, some sort of triangle shapes. You will use the feathery motion in all of these following steps.
2 – Around this shape I made a black border.
3 – In the white space I created another triangle, for this one I used Papaya by Barry M.
4 – In the coloured triangle I made one last triangle, this one is black.

That was the technique that I used to make Ikat nails. I'm really pleased with the design! I'll definitely do this again, but then with a different colour combination.
Thank you so much Giovanna for asking me to make a VIPA post on your blog! I had a lot of fun making this design, you're a sweetheart ♥

Genteeee, que coisa mais linda essa mani que ela criou. Adoro esse estilo Ikat, mas ainda não tive a oportunidade de fazer. E olhem que diva, ela ainda fez um tutorial para a gente. Linda demais! Muito obrigada por ter participado Sabine, você é um amor!
Guuuuys, what a gorgeous mani she created. I love this Ikat style, but still didn't have the opportunity to try it. And look how sweet she is, she even made a tutorial for you us. Too cute! Thank you for your guest post Sabine, you are the sweetheart not me!

Super beijo e até o próximo post.
Big kiss and see you on the next post.